Who needs Cracked It?

Corporate Executives

Driving a big project

Peter has been asked to drive a high-visibility cross-functional project. This could be a career booster. It is also a challenge. The skills that made him successful in his job so far will not be sufficient here. If only he knew how consultants tackle this kind of problems!

Cracked It! will show Peter, step by step, how to state, structure and solve the problem – and how to communicate the solution convincingly to his boss and other stakeholders.


Building a compelling business plan

Julie is building the business plan for a new venture. Investors, prospective partners, potential hires – all ask a lot of questions. Julie feels she has all the answers, but somehow they don’t seem to fall neatly into place when she pitches her business plan…

Cracked It! will help Julie develop a structured, coherent argument to sell her solution with impact and confidence.


Learning the tricks of the consulting trade

Jake has been promoted to the Strategy unit of his company after a successful career in sales. All his new colleagues are alumni of strategy consulting firms. Structuring complex problems and building slide decks seems second nature to them, and they use this bizarre jargon…

Cracked It! will give Jake an accelerated training on the problem-solving and communications methods of consulting. Without the jargon.


Acing the case interview

Jeanne is applying for positions at top management consulting firms. She has read up on “case cracking” in interviews, but some of it seems superficial. How is she supposed to tackle a complex business problem right after hearing it for the first time?

Cracked It! will show Jeanne how strategy consultants do just that. And what they expect from their new hires.


Business leaders, thought leaders, strategy consultants: they all think you should read Cracked It! Here's why.

"If you want to master problem solving, buy this book. It will save you from coming to sloppy conclusions and guide you through every aspect of the process of solving a problem. I used it the day after I started reading it."

Neil Janin, Chairman, Bank of Georgia, and Senior Partner Emeritus, McKinsey

“The ABSOLUTE reference handbook on problem solving! It is clearly unique and it smartly introduces an amazing wealth of methods, through cases and easy- to- understand frameworks. I have to say... I love it!”

Jean-Baptiste Voisin, Chief Strategy Officer, LVMH

“The companies that win will be those that use superior problem solving tools. Cracked It! teaches you how. It captures the real world experience of successful problem solving and presents the learnings in an engaging style.”

Rima Qureshi, Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer, Verizon

“CEOs regularly pay a king's ransom to the top management consulting firms for help in solving their most complex problems. You may not have the consultant's connections or their knowledge of the industry, but this book will help you learn the secrets of their problem-solving process so you can tackle your own problems more effectively.”

Chip Heath, coauthor of Switch and The Power of Moments

“Too often at the Board or executive level, time is wasted looking for solutions to a problem which has not been clearly defined. Garrette, Phelps and Sibony provide a structured approach to defining problems which should prove useful to practitioners.“

Paul M Tellier, Former Chief Executive Officer, Bombardier and Canada National Railways

“A great read for all current and future business leaders! The secret sauce of solving hard problems and selling solutions to drive change is at your doorstep. Just go get it!“

Eric Gervet, Lead Partner, AT Kearney San Francisco office

What Our Readers Say on Amazon

"An invaluable guide to anyone who is involved in decision-making in the business world today.”

— Julian Birkinshaw, Author of Fast/Forward, Professor and Deputy Dean, London Business School


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